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Beige Tape

Beige Tape

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Gal Pals Beige Tape

The Ultimate Solution for Any Outfit! Say Goodbye to Bra Woes and Hello to Perfect Support with Gal Pals Tape!

Unleash Your Fashion Potential with Gal Pals Beige Tape - Your Ultimate Wardrobe Companion! No more awkward bra straps or worries about bra-friendliness. Gal Pals is your go-to for seamless fashion solutions, customisable for any body and any garment. Made with ultra-flexible cotton and spandex, and easy-to-remove acrylic adhesive, it's perfect for any outfit. Plus, it's latex-free and perfect for beige skin tones. Get 5m x 5cm of ultimate fashion freedom with Gal Pals.

Always remember to patch test, and remove with oil cleanser if extra sensitive!

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